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What Are You Buying When You Purchase
An Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing Program?

By Zed Daniels, August 28, 2012
If I was standing in front of a group of 20 or 30 auto repair shop owners and asked the question... What are you buying when you purchase an auto repair service direct mail marketing program, most shop owners would say, "Postcards!" Others would say, "Postcards, brochures, letters, calendars, magnets, pens or whatever it takes to get the potential auto repair customer's attention."

All of them would be wrong!

Auto Repair Service Customer Marketing

What you are buying when you select an auto repair direct mail marketing program is - the customer
who walks through your door.

If all you think about is postcards and price when you are looking for a direct mail marketing and advertising program to sell your auto repair service, you are missing the most important reason of direct mail marketing.

The most important priority of all is - you must select the type of customer you want coming through your door. If you are a general auto repair service shop who works on all makes and models, you want to be able to look up at the door, whenever a new customer walks in, and see a person with a nice car and money in their pocket. With such a person, you end up with an RO average of $200 to $400 or more.

If you are an auto repair shop that specializes in European cars, like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, VW, etc, what you don't want in your marketing is blanket marketing like coupon packet mailers or zip code and carrier route saturation.

Why? Because these cars make up only a small portion of the total vehicles in your market area unless you live in Boca Raton, Florida. With the right mailing list and the right design to capture the European car owner, you are making $600 to $1,200 RO averages and living well.

If you are sending out coupon packet mailer direct mail, you are usually getting 6 to 9 year old cars, that have everything wrong with them, but they came in only for the cheap oil change and said NO to any additional auto repair service that was needed. You will get an RO average of about $21.95 with this kind of customer.

Packet mailers with a wafer thin ad stuffed in one envelope with 30 other ads (of which 5 others are your direct competition), or oversized thin postcards slathered with coupons that are sent out by zip code or carrier route saturation will not deliver the fine car money customer you are looking for.

Sure this type of direct mail marketing is cheap up front. However, it is the most expensive auto repair marketing you will ever buy. Why? Because it keeps you in the midst of busy work with no serious profits.

Your time - and the customer who says YES - is far more
valuable than saving a few pennies per postcard.

A quality image that creates a valuable, friendly, professional, neighborly feeling is far more important, if you want to bring in the auto repair Money Customer.

Give me, any day, just one Prime Customer - One Money Customer who says YES to a $600 service - and you can keep the other 10 coupon customers that spend $21.95 for an oil change and then say NO to the $1,100 of necessary auto repairs they need on their car. What good is a new customer if they are not a money customer?

Fine Car Money Customers Give You Referrals

Money customers not only give you the profit you are looking for, they also give you referrals, usually Money Customer referrals.

Coupon customers are simply chasing special offers from one shop to another. Whoever has the best price at the moment they need an oil change or service. Are they telling anyone about your great shop, giving you referrals? NO! Or if they do, it is usually another coupon customer who needs a great cheap discount to get their oil change.

Cheap auto repair service marketing attracts cheap customers. Class, style and comfort zone auto repair direct mail marketing attracts class auto service customers with money.

Which do you want? I already know! It is worth the few extra pennies per card to put out quality, effective auto repair service direct mail marketing. The profit side proves that out every time.

And don't forget. If you are a specialty auto service shop, check out We have the actual, legal, DMV - auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list by make, model, year and car owner available in 20 states. Yes it is legal. The 20 states we have are selling the data once again and there simply is no better direct mail marketing mailing list for independent auto repair specialty shops that the DMV car owners mailing list.

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